RECIPE: Sous Vide Mt Barker Chicken Breast with Sage

This dish is all about cooking the perfect moist chicken breast, the technique of Sous Vide one of the latest bits of technology for the home kitchen. 


  • 2 chicken breasts with skin left on

  • 200g of salted butter

  • 10 grape tomatoes

  • 8 wild garlic flowers or rocket flowers

  • 3 fresh dates with seeds removed

  • 100ml of evoo

  • 100g of fresh sage


STEP 1: 

Trim up the chicken breast and place it into a vac bag with 2 sage leaves and 50
grams of butter in each bag, vac and place into sous vide at 64 degrees
for 40 minutes.

While the chicken is cooking take a blowtorch and blister the skin on the
tomatoes untill it can be peeled, set aside peeled tomatoes with a splash
of evoo and sea salt in a seperate saucepan, add the rest of the butter and sage leave and simmer untill nut brown.

When ready - remove the chicken from the vac bag and in another pan sear the chicken
skin side down untill golden and a little crisp, then cut in half to plate.

Place the chicken onto a plate and then scatter tomatoes around with some strips of fresh date, some garlic flowers and then spoon over the brown sage butter and seasal then add a little pepper, the chicken will be really moist and suttle flavours of the date, garlic flowers and the beautiful nut brown sage butter and the sweet tomato.


Fresh TV reccomends a Millbrook Chardonnay which ballances well with the Sage butter. 

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