Season 2

Episode 1

Fresh TV returns to Channel 7, now at 5:30PM Sundays. In this flavoured filled episode one, Josh wow's the crowd with some killer tortillas at Coles, an old Freo favourite - Char Char Restaurant + Bar reveals a stunning makeover, Tony cooks up some spice with The Fat Hippo and visits the

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Episode 2

On this weeks Fresh TV, the ultimate date night destination giving Jasmine's husband a run for his money, Tony fires up the Webber on the iconic Busselton Jetty for a seaside surf an turf and we're recalling 'hamming' it up at this years Gourmet escape. 

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Episode 3

This week on Fresh TV, Josh goes overboard on the weight training with UFC fighter Soa "the Hulk" Palelei. Rob tries the seafood with a side of scandal at the National Hotel. Forget the plum trees, check out this home among the olives tree and heaps more.

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Episode 4

On Fresh TV, the weekend bush getaway tucked into the city. Desert alert, Rob has the goodies that you won't be able to resist. And Josh takes the family on a camping trip down south.

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Episode 5

On Fresh TV, Josh cooks up the best Christmas seafood yet. A great catch for a great catch - Myles cooks up a storm on the beach. Join us for Freo's never ending long table dinner and more!

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Episode 6

On Fresh TV, it's the eye of the tiger moth, the thrill of the flight. Tony finds his own way to the clouds. And a last minute change of plans for that christmas lobster. 

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Episode 7

On Fresh TV, no cage for this fighter, SOA the Hulk faces his biggest fear. Tony is a wanted man for this snatch and grab. And McLeod Daughters fan this one is you.

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Episode 8

On Fresh TV, harness up for a high rise adventure at Forest Adventures SW, consign over cooking to the history books with the Fish Boss' fail proof Point Samson Cod, we welcome guest chef Anna Gare, Jasmine dsicovers Coast Port Beach nesled in the sand dunes of North Fremantle, Tony's on desert duties with this fresh fruity creation at Retravision and heaps more. 

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Episode 9

On this episode of Fresh TV, Myles meets a feisty fan at a restuarant as icon as the quay which it sit's on, Perth's little Britain and where they go to shop and the newest in fine dining on Perth's Elizabeth Quay. Plus the fish boss switches from reef to beef but can he prove he's the new Beef Boss?

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Episode 10

On Fresh TV we hit cruise control, for an ocean get away like no other. The masters of pasta square off at Retravision and Tony's the judge, Myles get's sweet & sour, Jasmine is caught drinking on the job and the crab that even Rob has to claw his was in for. 

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Episode 11

On this episode of Fresh TV, wave to the camera, Myles fights the tide for a seafood delicacy, Josh scores a prime seat in the air aboard a Corsaire helicopter and winery which leaves Rob lost for words. All this and more on this season final of Fresh TV. 

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