Blue Manna Bistro

Rob is in Dunsborough, and he'll need to claw his way in to taste this crab. It's hard to get a seat at Blue Manna Bistro but as Rob finds out it's defintely worth the wait!

Celebrity Chef Chase Webber

We're at the Cape Mill by Stannard Homes, this weeks guest chef Chase Webber is showing Myles through the steps to make his own asian style hot and sour pork salad. 



Ever wanted to just sail away into the sunset? Well Josh has the perfect solution. Fresh TV hits cruise control for an ocean get away like no other.

Coles Lakeland

Myles is at Lakeland Coles to grab every Chase will need for his Hot & Sour Asian style Pork Salad.

Millbrook Estate

Millbrook Winery in Perth's hills - secluded with stunning views and sensational food. But what it's really about is rolling vineyards, oak barrels and fine wine.

Retravision Cook Off

Here we are at Retravision for the cook off of a century between Nino & Gino. Who will reign supreme?

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