Josh Catalano has got some payback installed for UFC fighter SOA 'the hulk' after his unexpected swim the other week. No cage for this fighter, SOA has to face his biggest fear.

Caversham Wildlife Park

We're back at Caversham! It's easy to see why this wildlife park is an international attraction. Oh and Mcleod daughters fans this one is for you!

Celebrity Chef Natalie Bennet

Chef Natalie Bennet makes her Fresh TV debut and has super food stir fry quinoa installed this week.

Coles Click & Collect

This episode Jasmine get's all the groceries she needs without having to step foot in the shops with Coles Click and Collect.

Prawn Trawler

Here's another example of how WA's own seafood is the best quality and taste. Pete and Myles are cooking up the best West Aussie seafood dish.

Retravision Appliance Hunt

Tony has got a challenge, Darryl and Tony have 20 minutes and $15k to deck out their perfect kitchen from the Bunbury Retravision store.

Settlers Tavern

Well has Rob got a surprise or what! Sitting on the main drag of Margaret River is Settler Taverns, takes on an american classic smoking technique made Aussie.

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